During my brief years of study as an artist, I have learned that while it is worthwhile to strive for the closest physical likeness of a subject, that likeness will be empty if there is not also a respect for the metaphysical truth of the subject, an attempt to convey its internal essence. My art combines skillful observation and faithful representation of nature with a desire to go beyond a simple, photographic realism.

I enjoy a wide variety of media, but especially drawing and oil painting for the depth value and richness that can be achieved. I draw inspiration from many sources, whether it be the shape of light on a friend's cheek bone, the grace of a simple gesture, or the accidental harmony of color in two objects placed next to each other. Overall I've been most inspired by and drawn to people as subjects. The hand of the Creator is evident throughout nature but especially in humans, who bear his image. In creating a portrait, I attempt to capture the beauty and dignity of what it is to be human and the range of joy and suffering that we experience on this earth.

A native of south Atlanta, Natalie studied Art and French at Hillsdale College and graduated with a B.A. in 2012. She is currently living and painting in Northern Virginia with her husband and daughter.